Welcome to Harvest Honey!

Welcome to Harvest Honey, an Ottawa-based green company carrying interesting and delicious products. Whether you are buying for yourself, fund-raising, gift giving, or looking to purchase case-lots we would like to hear from you. Our products also create exciting options for wedding favours and advertising ideas for your company, or for your upcoming event. We wholesale almost everything we carry, and deliver within the immediate Ottawa area. We look forward to your inquiry. You can also check our events page for upcoming craft fairs and flea markets that we plan to participate in.

If you are reading this you are already a fan of one of Mother Earth's rich gifts. Local Unpasteurized Ontario Honey!

We are a couple from the Ottawa, Ontario area, bringing to folks like you a variety of beautiful Honey products.

They include Liquid Honey, Cinnamon Honey Butter, Whipped Honey Spread, Beeswax Candles, and Beeswax-based products like lotions, lip balms, and pet ointments.

Our return customers tell us that our honey is the best they have tasted. And why not! It is the best from Eastern Ontario's bounty!

Dave & our beehives

Here are a few facts about our honey:

  • it comes from a farm just south of Ottawa
  • it is unpasteurized (has not been heated) to retain maximum nutrients
  • it is light in texture and colour
  • the bees have fed on wild flowers like goldenrod and clover
  • it is not blended with honey from other countries (like the kinds you find in the 'big box' stores)

From here, please take a look at our products page. You can email us to order products or visit us at upcoming flea markets and craft fairs.